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Get ready because savings challenges for 2023 are here! New layout, new challenges! Get ready to save with me in the new year!


Choose from:

Bomb Savings Challenges (Save $5,000)


Boss Savings Challenges (Save $10,000)


Want to finish2023 strong with your savings challenges? Then grab this PHYSICAL kit full of Savings Challenges to track your progress and save $5,000 or $10,000. Your spiral-bound 21-page copy will be printed and mailed to you! Let's save money together! Tune into my weekly Savings Challenge updates on YouTube: RochelleAdamson Budgets


Included in your physical book:

-Savopoly Challenge

-Zero Out Challenge

-Debit's Day Off Challenge aka No Spend Challenge

-Emergency Fund Envelope Challenge

-26 Week Challenge

-Keep the Change Challenge

-Lunch Break Challenge

-12 Different Monthly Savings Challenges (event-focused challenges such as self-care, save, debt payoff, travel)


PHYSICAL PRODUCT MAILED TO YOU DIRECT. Please email us: for questions/concerns.

$5,000/$10,000 Savings Challenges (PHYSICAL BOOK)

$40.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
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