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"If you want great tips...., great advice, put your trust in Rochelle".

All her hard will see it in your finances".


"One thing that I love that Rochelle taught me is that you can budget and still have long as you do it responsibly"

"In the 3 months that I've been working with Rochelle, I've been able to save $1,000 for my emergency fund....I've paid off well as build a savings account"


"I would highly highly recommend her services"

"She was a huge support...I felt like I could talk with Rochelle"

"She always had a clear plan"


"Working with Rochelle has been such a great experience"

"She gives such great in-depth guidance"

"She helps build your confidence"

"I say everyone should give it a chance"


"It's challenging but its well worth it"


Client Success Stories

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You can schedule regular sessions or periodic check-ins depending upon your needs. You will have plenty of opportunities to get your personal finance questions answered.  Leading you to discover new ways of thinking about your money and your life.

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Stay caught up on my latest videos here: income budgeting, debt payoff & net worth tracking, savings motivation, cash stuffing, grocery hauls and more! 


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