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Budgeting Packages

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Bomb Budgeter-$50

Maybe you already enjoy the budgeting content found on my YouTube channel but you want a little more push in the right direction. You are a solid budgeter who is looking for some tips and tricks to stay the course to achieve debt freedom. You are focused and organized and require very little hands-on assistance with budgeting but you are always looking to polish your skills. Let's get you right! Here's what I'm ready to do for you: 

Monthly Access to Private Group Q&A Sessions & 1 Budget Overhaul. 

Bomb Budgeter

Boss Budgeter-$75

You are relatively new to the budgeting journey. You've read a few books and watched a few videos. You have started budgeting for a few months now and have some questions about how to personalize your budgeting experience for yourself and your family. You are ready to dive in to your actual numbers with someone else, maybe for the 1st time. You have some goals that you would like to accomplish in the next 6-12 months but you need a plan of action. You've ran the numbers but you aren't happy with the end result. Let's change all that. Here's what you can expect: 

Everything in Bomb Budgeter Kit + Two 15-Minute Monthly Check-ins, 2 Budget Edits, Bi-Annual Goal Planning

Boss Budgeter

Busy Budgeter-$97

Budgeting....thats a whole new concept you've never really gotten into before. You don't have a current budgeting system. You don't even monitor your banking or credit score apps. You prefer to look at your numbers as less as possible. It's way too much to handle. Maybe you even feel the burden of negative bank balances, inconsistent income, past due bills, unpaid student loans or credit card payments. But now you're having a change of heart. You're tired of working for your money and not seeing your money work for you. You...are...READY for change... I got you. Let's get started right away. Here's what you can expect: 

Everything in the Boss package + 30-Minute Monthly Check-ins, 4 Budget Edits, Custom Monthly Budget, Quarterly Goal Planning Sessions


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Busy Budgeter

BudgeTuber Course-$25


Grow your channel to monetization with these actionable steps


  • Unlimited lifetime access to all videos in this course

  • Digital BudgeTuber Workbook (sent via e-mail w/in 24 hrs of purchase) 

  • Two live group Zoom calls with Rochelle and other "Tubers"

  • Access to our private Facebook group

  • One YouTube channel review

  • Topics include: Niche Research, Recording & Setup, Sound, Music, Lighting, Intro to iMovie & Canva, Intro to SEO Optimization, YouTube Studio & YouTube Analytics & more...




Quarterly Financial

Enjoy four 30-minute financial sessions annually to check on your finances. Having a fresh pair of eyes on things could breathe new life into your budget!


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