Stay Motivated to Pay off Debt by...spending MORE money?!

Sounds crazy, right!? That's because it is.

So many times I can remember saying no to every invite, eating every meal at home & avoiding anything that smelled like fun...just so I could say, "I did a no-spend month!"

No shade to anyone who is #TeamNoSpend but I just found it to be so limiting. I would even fake the funk by posting weekly updates of my no-spend like this one:

But then on day 11, I'd wake up and blow $500 on useless purchases. I would feel so guilty for the rest of the month. Like a complete failure.

I get so tired of failing. Maybe it's my OCD. I just felt like there was nothing I could do to stop the groundhog effect.

Actual footage of me failing over & over lol

Until one day, I went over my budget (for the millionth time) and my husband, Micah said, why don't you increase your allowance? I asked NO questions! Then after returning to earth mentally, I hear him say, "Yeah so by increasing your allowance, you are setting the tone for the month that any spending you do can only happen from that amount. Spending any money outside of that allowance would directly affect our debt snowball. So I'm counting on you Ro. Do the right thingggg".

I won't lie. I failed that month. I overspent by at least $100. Mic was so patient with me. He was quiet lol but PATIENT. The next month, I came in under budget by $5. Slowly but surely, I started to get with the program. Our debt snowball grew month after month. We ended up paying off 4 small credit cards that year.

So MAYBE in your case, spending MORE money is good for your budget. Maybe it will fill that void that folks like me need to fill in order to stay on track. Natural spenders are like that. Find something that will allow you to be great yet still be yourself.

You have to stay true to yourself. It's the only way you can evolve into a better version of yourself. Stop being in denial. If you're a spender, acknowledge it and work to find ways to make that an advantage in your budget. But also find ways to test yourself to spend less. It's the only way to get out of debt. You must spend less than you earn.

Your best life is waiting for you on the other side of debt freedom. Get there quick. You're missing out.

Maybe you don't know where to start. Well check out my latest budget for some inspo:

Need a budget planner? Here's one I use:

Need a good read? Here's a fave of mine:

Until next time...

Your Fave Budgeter,


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